Create New Revenue Streams & Differentiate from the Competition

Capture, Retain, Improve

Effortlessly Capture Your Real-time Health & Fitness Data

Track, Analyze, Improve

Reduce Health Care Costs & Increase Productivity

Know, Engage, Save

The first truly integrated health & fitness platform

Get your fitness center integrated with FITRAX

Fitness centers intergrated with FITRAX are able to create new revenue streams and differentiate themselves from the competition. FITRAX increases memberships, as well as personal trainer effectiveness. Integrate to a health care value chain today!

The right choice for your health & fitness

A real-time dashboard for your body that effortlessly captures your real-time health and fitness data. FITRAX provides a mobile and web-based dashboard to help monitor your progress, along with auto-guided, personalized training programs.

Partner with FITRAX to improve employee health & productivity

With FITRAX, Corporations and Health Care providers are able to visualize employees aggregated health in real-time, along with creating and tracking incentive programs to improve employee health, which in turn reduces health care costs.

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